Meet Chris Pawlosky

Certified Master Croomer


About Chris

Christina is a Certified Master Groomer (NDGAA), professional handler, breeder, and pet store and grooming shop owner since 1985. She won the first ever Barkleigh Honors Award for Speaker of the Year. Chris has won the Cardinal Crystal Achievement awards for Groomer of the Year, Congeniality and Judge of the Year. After winning the Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions in 1995, she retired from competitive grooming. With her specialty in Poodles and Brussels Griffons, she has handled and bred many Champions.

Christina Pawlosky

Certified Master Croomer (NDGAA)


  • Multiple Best All Around Groomer and Best Grooming Dog in Show winner
  • World Poodle Groomer 1993 and 1995
  • International Groomer of the Year in 1994
  • Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Groomer of the year 1993, Congeniality 1994, and Judge of the year 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006
  • Eagle Award from Groom and Board Magazine 1994
  • Voted Groomer of the Decade by New England Pet Grooming Professionals 2001
  • Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions 1995 With my specialty in Poodles and Brussels Griffons I have handled and breed many Champions in all three varieties of Poodles and Brussels Griffon.
  • Specialing two Standard Poodles into the top 10 in the USA from 1994-1998, both having multi All Breed and Specialty Best in Shows.
  • Best of Variety winner in Standard Poodle variety at Poodle Club of America 1998.
  • Awards of Merit at Westminster Dog Show
  • All managed with and around her family life!


  • Certified Master Groomer (NDGAA)
  • Professional Handler and Breeder
  • Successful Pet Store and grooming Shop owner since 1985
  • Christina remains a qualified Grooming Show Judge.


What’s your favorite breed of dog? To groom?
Old English Sheepdog. Old English Sheepdog.
Do you feel the animals appreciate a nice grooming?
Yes. They tell me so.
What is your least favorite animal? To groom?
I don’t have a least favorite amimal. But grooming... now... I can’t stand grooming Bouiver De Flanders. I can’t even pronounce it.
What advice can you give to beginner groomers?
Unless you know of a grooming shop that is looking for an apprentice or has a trainee program, my best advice would be to go to a professional grooming school. We have one here in Illinois. If you have a true love of dogs, patience, physical stamina, creative mentality, then you have a good start.
Do you have any grooming horror stories?
Oh yeah. One time I was trimming the eyebrows of a sheepdog and sneezed and trimmed one eyebrow right to the skin. Poor doggy.