Oster® 13-Tooth Flared Golden Ram® Comb - Grazer™




Oster® 13-Tooth Flared Golden Ram® Comb - Grazer™
The best in the business with innovative heat-reducing technology and legendary, sharp-cutting performance.


All of Oster® blades are put through a 12 step process guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship. We start with a fine-grain carbon steel that is heat treated to create a hard surface for greater wear resistance, leveraging a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 62. Our patented Cryogen-X™ process takes the blades down to a -300 degrees for a deep freeze, producing a harder, sharper blade which extends the product life. Each blade is then hand lapped for a smooth cut finish.
  • 3" Wide, 88mm
  • 13-Tooth Flared Golden Ram® Comb
  • For farm flock shearing
  • For use on the 3" shearing head and professional hand pieces

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