Oster® Cat Detachable Blade Size 30




Oster® Cat Detachable Blade Size 30
Feline grooming is all about getting lucky. This Oster® Lucky No. 9™ cat blade performs with sharpness and ease.


The Oster® Lucky No. 9™ cat blades feature a revolutionary new tooth design that allows you to cut through the feline coat faster, easier and safer than ever before. By reducing track lines and leaving the coat with a clean, smooth finished look the Lucky No. 9™ blades are a must have for anyone who wants to take the stress out of feline clipping.
  • #30 For Pads, and Bad Matting, but must be used with Universal Guide Combs
  • New tooth design allows the feline coat to feed easier.
  • Reduces track lines for a smooth coat appearance on the first pass
  • Reduces grooming time by allowing you to clip an area only once, making it safer for the groomer and feline.
  • Fits A6®, Golden A5®, Turbo A5®, Power Max and PowerPro Ultra® Clippers

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