Hydrosurge®  Shed Control Shampoo

Hydrosurge® Shed Control Shampoo


HydroSurge 078499-435-001
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Hydrosurge® Shed Control Shampoo helps reduce non-seasonal shedding by replenishing skin deficiencies, as well as conditioning, strengthening and nourishing the skin and coat.
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Hydrosurge® Shed Control Shampoo promotes healthier skin by replenishing deficiencies, which helps reduce non-seasonal shedding; healthier skin will hold the hair. It also conditions, strengthens and nourishes to protect the coat from environmental conditions. Split ends are repaired and the hair shaft itself is more flexible to further prevent shedding. Coconut Verbena scent.
  • Reduces non-seasonal shedding
  • Replenishes skin deficiencies
  • Conditions, strengthens and nourishes to protect hair from environmental conditions
  • Repairs split ends and improves hair flexibility
  • Contains two naturally- derived conditioning ingredients