Hydrosurge®  Ultra Clean Shampoo

Hydrosurge® Ultra Clean Shampoo


HydroSurge 078499-410-001
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Hydrosurge® Ultra Cleaning Shampoo is effective in getting the dirtiest of dogs clean without stripping the coat of essential oils. Breaks up and removes tough dirt and residue from the coat.
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Hydrosurge® Ultra Cleaning Shampoo has enough cleaning power to get even the dirtiest dog clean but won't strip the coat of essential oils. It is ideal for long coated animals and animals that are not bathed as regularly as they should be by breaking up and removing tough dirt and animal waste from the coat. Tangerine scent.
  • Tough on dirty coats without stripping essentials oils
  • Breaks up and removes excess dirt and animal waste from the coat
  • Tangerine scent