Oster® Cordless Equine Trimmer

Oster® Cordless Equine Trimmer


Oster ECS 078797-000-000
0.00 N/A

For safe, precise trimmng with ease of movement.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 1.8" H x 1.3" W x 6.4" L, Weight:0.4lb.
  • Watts: 4.4W
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Additional Information

The Oster® Cord/Cordless trimmer is designed with Safety and Versatility in mind. With a specially designed Narrow Blade that allows you to safely trim around the ears, eyes, nose, and sensitive areas, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are using the right tools to keep your animal well groomed and looking its best all year long!
  • Precision Narrow Blade for Sensitive Areas (Narrow Blade to start in Sept.)
  • New NiMH battery runs up to an hour
  • NiMH battery does not develop memory which allows more charges and discharges during product life
  • Corded and Cordless cutting capability
  • No charging stand
  • Compact Design is less than 6.5" long and weighs less than 6oz.
  • Includes: Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush