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During normal professional sharpening, blades are checked for rust. Generally, rust can be removed by a wire wheel. If a blade is pitted with rust, it may not be able to be removed. Prevent rusting by storing blades in dry place and keeping them well oiled.
Before storing your blade it should be cleaned well. A few drops of oil should be placed on the surface teeth and between the sliding surfaces, and then turn the clipper or trimmer on for a few seconds. Blades should be stored in a place protected from high humidity and moisture to prevent rust. It is best to use the blade protector or to wrap the blades before placing the clipper inside a drawer with other implements.
A brush is included with most clippers. If your clipper did not come with a brush or if you no longer have the brush, a toothbrush can be used to brush the hair out from between the teeth of the blade. Oster® Kool Lube or Oster® Blade Wash may also be used. Please note that even though these do contain oil, they are not sufficient for keeping your blade oiled. Blades should be oiled often during use.
To oil your blades, turn the clipper or trimmer on, put a drop of on each end of the blade and one in the center (across the cutting surface - the teeth). It is not necessary to take the blade apart to oil it. For professional use and for best results, blades should be oiled often during the day.
The best way to keep blades from getting dull are to ensure the blades are cleaned, oiled, and stored properly. Dirt and grit from hair will cause blades to become dull quickly so always make sure the hair or fur being cut is clean.
Most blades can have several sharpenings. Some factors in determining how many times a blade can be sharpened include frequency of use and how well the blade is maintained.
If the blades start to pull the hair or you have to make several strokes to get the hair cut, it may be time to sharpen your blades.