When you hand scrub, you are keeping the shampoo moving allowing the surfactants to break-up and remove dirt and oil from the dog. With HydroSurge® equipment, the water keeps the shampoo active, resulting in the same effect. The combing action spray penetrates through even the thickest coat, cleaning right down to the skin.
The surfactants in HydroSurge® products are mild and properly balanced with conditioners and emulsifiers so that they do not strip the skin and coats of all oils. We believe that all HydroSurge® products, when used with our equipment and diluted properly, will not remove either Frontline or Advantage from the bathed pet or noticeably reduce their effectiveness.
The HydroSurge® PowerBather pumps water at 11 gallons per minute. More importantly, the entire system, not just the pump, is UL listed for safety. When using an electrical devise around water and animals, please always use a UL listed devise.
Depending on your level of expertise with the equipment, up to 70%.
Your specialty shampoos will work much more effectively on a clean animal. We recommend you use the most appropriate HydroSurge® shampoo to give the animal a general bathing first. Next, hand apply the specialty shampoo according to the directions on the bottle. You can use your HydroSurge® equipment to rinse the animal quickly and effortlessly.

HydroSurge® shampoo products are available both with and without inserts. The inserts serve two purposes. First, they help prevent contamination into the shampoo bottle. They also allow you to switch from one shampoo product to another quickly and easily. Special cap adaptors are needed to connect your equipment tubing to the insert (included with the BathPro(TM) 5.1 unit). If you have a previous version of the BathPro(TM) unit, such as a VariFlo(TM) unit, you can order these cap adaptors from customer service by calling 1-888-766-BATH (2284). BathPro(TM) 5.1 unit users should order shampoo products with inserts. PowerBather users should order shampoo products without inserts. VariFlo(TM) users should order shampoo products with inserts only if they use the special cap adaptors.

Hand bathers should order shampoo products without inserts.

No – the equipment will dilute the shampoo automatically and you can control the amount of shampoo being delivered.
Viscosity (thickness) and concentration are two different issues. Concentration has to do with the amount of surfactant in the shampoo and HydroSurge® shampoos are more concentrated than most. The viscosity of the shampoo is an indicator of how much gum or salt is added to the shampoo. The low viscosity of HydroSurge® shampoos is what allows them to work with our BathPro(TM) equipment, but if you are hand bathing using our shampoo, you will also find that this helps make the shampoos easier to rinse out.
No. Some shampoos are not pH balanced and can harm the animals coat and skin. Since these effects are not immediate, you may not realize that your shampoo is part of the problem. Also, some shampoo products use high quality ingredients, but use such a small amount of them, that there are no real benefits. HydroSurge® shampoos are made from only the finest ingredients and are formulated in-house.

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We believe that selecting the right shampoo for the animal is half the battle. You want to use the formulation that best meets the needs of the animal being bathed. You will also notice that we list all ingredients on our shampoo products. We believe that the more you can talk to your customers about the product you used and why, the more trust your customers will have in you as a care giver for their pet.